What We Do


Elevate Youth believes there are two primary drivers that facilitate positive transformation in the youth we serve. The first driver is the opportunity for ongoing outdoor experiences that are safe, fun, positive and challenging. The second is the relationships developed with supportive adult role models.


The experience

Several factors make the Outdoor Experience impactful to the youth we serve:

  • Exposure to amazing natural environments/sense of place

  • Opportunity to experience a world outside their daily reality

  • Presence in a fun, passionate and joy filled environment

  • Opportunity to be physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged in a safe way


The Impact

The primary impact from the Outdoor Experience is its role as the engagement mechanism to facilitate healthy relationships between participating youth and positive adults. When we model opportunity and positivity, and consistently show up to support the youth, it allows them to break out of the negative cycles and patterns in their lives and replace them with new, positive ones. This includes learning to participate in healthy groups and build support networks with peers and adults, both of which are essential to long-term success. All together this leads to positive changes in attitude and behavior, which drives young people to reach their full potential. 


Together, these components generate outdoor experiences that lead to a sense of achievement, which increases confidence, self-esteem and resilience. A space is created for youth to take risks in a safe environment and learn about their own strengths. We believe in the therapeutic power nature provides, thus allowing youth to confront issues with the help of supportive and caring adults. Ultimately, the power of these new experiences allows youth to envision different possibilities for their lives and change their perception of themselves and their place in the world.