Program Models


partner-organization programs

  • 12-50 young people per site

  • 1 outing per month

  • 1 enrichment session per season

  • 4th-8th grade

  • Summer programs include 3 full day outings and one camping trip

school-based programs

  • 20 young people per school

  • 1 outing per month

  • 3 enrichment sessions per month

  • 6th-8th grade

  • Summer programs include 5 full day outings & one camping trip


6th grade - EXPLORE

  • Joining Elevate Youth for the first time, cohorts of 12-20 youth will experience an introduction to a dozen outdoor activities over the course of the year. These outings will be supplemented with weekly enrichment sessions focusing on an introduction to outdoor skills, environmental education, and team-building.

7th grade - adventure

  • As second year “Adventurers,” youth will get to choose from the outdoor activities they experienced as Explorers. The kids will choose 3 activities they want to focus on over the course of the year to develop their skill sets in those activities, both in the field and in the classroom. Youth will take turns assisting their Instructors in “leading” outings to begin developing outdoor leadership skills.

8th grade - summit

  • In their third year with Elevate Youth, cohorts will work together to decide on and plan monthly outings, focusing on one or two different outdoor activities throughout the year. With guidance from our Instructors, youth will expand upon their leadership skills as they take on more responsibilities on each outing, and will eventually plan a multi-day camping trip as they reach the Summit of our program.

9th grade - yonder

  • As our young people “graduate” from middle school, those who have excelled at the Elevate Youth program can apply to train with our staff to become certified Outdoor Mentors to the EXPLORE groups. After completing a year as an Outdoor Mentor, the young adults will be eligible for part-time employment with Elevate Youth.