Why We Use Skedaddle: The Local, Convenient Bus Pooling Service

Elevate Youth uses Skedaddle over other transportation services because it allows us to maximize our impact and increase the efficiency of our trips. Every time we have a Skedaddle driver pick us up, he or she is always enthusiastic and excited to play a crucial role in getting these youth out of the city to partake in an outdoor activity for the day. By using Skedaddle, we are freeing up ourselves - as instructors and outdoor mentors - to bond with the youth, play games, and sing along to the radio that our driver always lets us crank as loud as we please. At the same time, we are all taking one van to a location rather than driving several vehicles, thereby decreasing our carbon footprint for the trip and enforcing our curriculum regarding environmental stewardship and individual impact. 

Skedaddle has very generously given our organization a grant of $1,500, allowing us to take several trips further away from the city - for example to surf at Nantasket Beach with Levitate Surf or to ski at Wachusett Mountain. Last Saturday, our driver Bill from Skedaddle was timely and flexible, which is vital for the nature of our trips. The last thing you want to be thinking about when hiking in the woods is getting back to the van on time! On the drive back, Bill took song requests from the kids and allowed them to sing along the whole way home, which kept the fun going after the hike and allowed the trip to end on a high note - literally. When Skedaddle is involved with our trips, they add a tremendous amount of value by making it as easy as possible for us to do what we do: bring youth and mentors outside to enjoy time in nature, away from the city. 

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Alec Griswold