A Message from Alec Griswold, Executive Director of Elevate Youth

Dear Friends,

   As we look back on 2018, I could not be more thankful for all those that made it an incredible year.  I am grateful for our donors, volunteers, staff, program partners, third party outfitters, and most importantly the youth we serve.

Here are some statistics to give you a better idea of what we did this year:

  • Ran 46 outdoor trips from March-November

  • Served 141 youth ages 8-14

  • 86% of the youth we serve identify as minorities

  • Engaged 43 adult mentors

  • Ran programs for 3 high-impact community partners in the Boston area

  As the founder of Elevate Youth, I have to pinch myself sometimes to realize the extent of our impact in this first full year of outdoor programing.  We have been saying all year that we get paid with abundant smiles and we certainly hit the jackpot. Every single kid has taught me a lesson or shifted my perspective, or even maybe brought me to tears of joy.  I am blessed to have a job where I can provide a service that allows youth to “get outside” their comfort zone, build critical life skills, and have FUN.

 Today’s world is chaotic and at times cruel but I see glimmers of hope every day.  I see hope in the resilience of the youth we serve, I see hope in the positive adult role models that serve as mentors, and I see hope in the volunteers that give their time to our cause.  

 The gift of nature and outdoor activity is something we all need to share and the importance of cultivating the next generation of environmental stewards has never been more critical.  I am humbled and inspired by the support we have received from some of the leaders of the outdoor industry and we will continue our pursuit for diversity, equity, and inclusion within our public lands.

 As we look forward to 2019 and beyond, I am committed to driving our organization towards the goal of making outdoor recreation and mentorship an opportunity for every kid.  To accomplish this goal, I ask YOU to take action: Sign up to be a mentor, set aside time to volunteer, go outside with a purpose. We can foster change through collective action and I hope you will consider making a focused effort to inspire a young person through outdoor experiences.  

Thank you for all that you do! Happiest holidays to you and yours,  

    Alec Griswold

    Founder/Executive Director


Alec Griswold